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Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:
10pm till 3am
Friday & Saturday: 10pm till 5am
Sunday: 9pm till 3am

Monday: Closed
(except Bank Holiday Eves)

1st MAY 2020 was or 9th ANNIVERSARY!!!
#WeWillBeBackSoon #StrongerThanEver

Attack, the hottest and funniest gay cruising bar in Madrid, has 4 different zones, in which you can move according on how horny you are getting:

When you enter, you find the reception, which is also the wardrobe where we keep your clothes secured and always on watch by our staff, who will also be happy to explain you everything if you are new to our Madrid gay parties. Go trough the curtain and you will find the bar: Here you can order any drink and meet new people, or you can walk straight to the cruising zones, if you prefer.

Go trough the arch and you will find the chill-out zone, where there is also a sling, a cage and a St Andrew’s Cross. Go then trough the corridor (you may have to zigzag to avoid some guy busy on his knees right there in the middle, it happens!) and you will get to the White Room, where the shower is. Here is where takes place our “SHOWer Boy” party and every other wet event! There is also a corner to seat and relax, or to drink* or play*: no limits here!
If what you want is just action with no words, go downstairs, to the Dungeon/Cave. There you will find the labyrinth, another sling, cabins, a bed, porn and real hot guys!

We are a gay club by night, but you may recognize our walls, because we are also a studio location for gay porn during the day! Most gay porn companies from Spain shoot constantly here, and many international porn stars have been here fucking... So maybe you already did J/O feeling here!



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